Interstellar Medium

M.Sc. Theoretical Physics and Cosmology - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Co-instructors: Prof. A. Díaz-Beltrán and Prof. G. Meeus

  • Specialized course on the properties of the interstellar medium in all its phases, as well as the physical and chemical processes that take place in it. Students gain knowledge about the physical processes responsible for the properties of low-density astrophysical plasmas observed throughout the universe. In this way, they will understand the various components of the interstellar medium (ionized, atomic and molecular gas, dust and cosmic rays), as well as the observation techniques used for their study (atomic and molecular spectroscopy).

Astronomy 191

Advanced Laboratory Astrophysics - Harvard University, USA

Instructor: Prof. Kovac

  • Observing project development for undergraduate students with the Submillimeter Array.
  • Teaching calibration and reduction of acquired SMA interferometric data.
  • Supervising students research projects and final reports.

Astrophysics Laboratory Course

Landesternwarte - Heidelberg University, Germany

Instructor: Prof. Heidt

  • Developing hands-on activities, supervising students and grading final reports.

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